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Top 6 ways to use Rhonda Allison's All Purpose Cleansing Pads

Okay, so I'm slightly obsessed with the Rhonda Allison All Purpose Cleansing Pads. I love them for on the go and they are an essential in my travel bag.

Aside from being SUPER convenient, these cleansing pads have sooooo many uses. Here are my top 6!

1. Maskne Fighting: For my friends working long hours in a mask, these little pads are PERFECT for a mid-day freshen-up. Throw them in your purse, back pack, or work locker, and on your lunch break give your face a quick swipe to kill any bacteria thats been trapped by your mask.

2. Tweens and Teens: Let's face it...teens are STUBBORN. The all purpose cleansing pads make cleansing quick and easy which makes them more appealing to the kiddos. While we still want to encourage proper cleansing regularly, the cleansing pads can be an occasional alternative to ensure they're keeping their skin clean.

3. Gym Bag Essential: These are great after a sweaty workout for a quick cleanse to avoid breakouts. They're also great for wiping down personal sports equipment.

4. Ingrown Hairs: Prevent ingrown hairs by swiping over treated areas after waxing and shaving. They can also be used to spot treat current ingrown hairs.

5. Spot Treatment: The antiseptic and antibacterial support provided by the All Purpose Cleansing pads make them GREAT for spot treating blemishes and stubborn black heads. Also great for breakouts on the back!

6. Second Cleanse: I love a good double cleanse, and these cleansing pads make it SO EASY! Just swipe across the entire face after first cleanse to control bacteria.


  • Cut the pads in half to get the most out of your product.

  • Cleansing solution may be left on skin or rinsed with warm water.

  • Swipe pad across skin, rinse the pad with warm water, then swipe over the skin again.

You can find the RA All Purpose Cleansing Pads at

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